A demo of XP.css A CSS framework for building faithful recreations of operating system GUIs. So i've just published XP.css, it's a CSS…

Corona D'Amore

Online music event for Berlin's Cocktail D'Amore. Featuring 2 live streams and chat microservice with 3,000 concurrent users. 2 Live…

Disconnect Systems

A set of retail and e-commerce tools for physical music sellers. Point-of-sale system Manage your retail store Synchronise inventory with…

Bell Towers

Music Video for 'Another Lonely Night in Berlin' released on IP Editions (2020) Read the production notes Poster artwork for debut album…

Pounding System - Hydro Delay 1000

View the full source code Prototype for a digital synthesizer and effects unit using the PJRC Audio board. 16-bit 44.1Khz Audio USB Audio…

New Agency - Rethinking the future of ageing

How will you grow old? Can you live forever? What kind of ancestor do you want to be? Will your house outlive you? A public survey as part…

Gordon Hookey - Calling in

Video interview with Gordon Hookey for Minority Report. Produced with Audrey Schmidt. Gordon Hookey in his Brisbane studio talking…

Quay Dash for i-D Magazine

Editorial for i-D Magazine. Styling: Natasha Rose Havir Smith, Valona Flamuri, Victoria Todorov. View the editorial at i-D Magazine

United States of Australia Tour

Tour of the east coast featuring artists Quay Dash and Ah-Mer-Ah-Su. Artwork by Hana Earles

Butter Sessions Live Shows

Lighting installations and controllers for live performances for their Australia Tour 2016, and their stage at Freedom Time Festival 2018 in…


4-piece dance music band with Natasha Vomit, Luis CL, Claudette Justice Jones. 12" EP Release with Public Possession


Music video for 'Anxiety is the new LBD' by EN.V (2017)

Cheap Present

Album artwork for Wet Garden EP released on (2017)

Spirit Superhighway

Live music event with lighting installation and security-based IoT devices using SMS for access. Melbourne, Australia. October 30, 2015

Patch Test

Photo landscape series analysing skin-care formulas

Boil First

Hologram projector, 3D video, infinite loop. Pictured at Seventh Gallery, Melbourne